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At Instyle Deco Paris, we are an interior design agency renowned for our creation of world class state-of-the-art designs across a variety of sectors. No matter your preference, you should enlist a highly experienced Interior Designer to help you with your project and help to create something truly special.  Originally from Paris, we offer you the highest quality advice to clients in Thailand. Transforming your ideas and dreams into realization.


The infrastructure of a complete restaurant revolves around three concepts: food quality, customer service, and the ambience of the restaurant itself. The environment of the restaurant cannot be underestimated at all. Sometimes when the other two factors are not going well, due to human nature, at least the ambience and the presence of a stunning environment can help a restaurant recover the unfortunate situations. The interior design of the restaurant is crucial towards creating a forever lasting atmosphere for customers to enjoy and want to come back again. It helps enhance the brand and customer loyalty for the customer as well. Here at, Instyle Deco Paris, we care about the small details, we will strive to give you professional guidance and maintain your brand, in order to combine and generate an ideal dream restaurant for you.


Our expertise in interior design, customer-orientated, attention to detail, adaptable, marketing knowledge, have enabled us to provide customers with great satisfaction in realizing designs ideas across all sectors prescribed. We discuss the scope of your project in detail, accessing the ideas and covering all aspects involved with the project. Our team will strive to understand your tastes, style, preferences, and really help you amplify your brand and vision with the matching design architecture. Afterwards, we will complete a 3D or 2D model to accurately represent your model concept and ensure that the client and our team are on synchronized perfectly. Our team will collaborate with our expert contractors to execute and complete the project.